I loved this original when it came out. Gentlemen Thieves remixed it and now it’s even better. I love how they kept the vocal integrity of the song and didn’t screw up the bass line. Too often you find remixes of a song where you can’t even make out the original track. This is truly a ‘Warrior’ remix. That goes for the bass line too. The original has a funky dance vibe and this remix really brings that to light. Listen to the raw bass about 18 seconds in. Now, this is a dubstep remix so somewhere along the way we have to have some craziness right? YES. Have I mentioned sirens make me weak in the knees? Well the chorus goes wicked haaaaahd! No skimping on sirens here. FREE DOWNLOAD!




Kimbra/Mark Foster/A-Trak- Warrior (Gentlemen Thieves Remix)